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Chipchaman produces graphic, audiovisual and fine arts, seeking to enrich the human environment from a holistic, spiritual and intellectual approach. The basic premise in his work is that everything is energy, both manifest and potential, that vibrates at different frequencies.


After studying social communication, graphic design, film and television production, sound engineering, and after a period for internal and external exploration of the world, Chipchaman proposes art as medicine.


Based on an eclectic synthesis of science and ancestral human knowledge, his pieces invite a meditation that aims to help in the individual and collective processes of self-healing.




Activando El Chip Chaman. Aporte al proceso evolutivo universal incontrolable. Toma lo tuyo. All information is in-formation.  Ya boy!

Un Utopista clase A

Copy Lotus March 20 / 2018

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Modo Usuario

Copy Lotus February 27 / 2018

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Verdadera Ilusión

Copy Lotus December 28 / 2017

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